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The Sawyer Village Maintenance Team is second to none when it comes to a quick and reliable response to your maintenance needs. We offer our maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians are well trained in every facet of home maintenance and we take pride in our friendly, helpful and professional service. We guarantee a 30-minute-or-less response time to emergencies and 24-hour response time to all other maintenance requests. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse in order to meet your needs in a very timely manner. Our work-order tracking software ensures that no maintenance requests are ever over-looked or left hanging. Our maintenance team thrives on making sure that every resident is a comfortable resident!

Sawyer Village works diligently to keep our grounds clean and inviting. We enforce strict rules when it comes to the aesthetics of our grounds. We encourage our residents to take pride in their yards and surroundings, in general. In order to accomplish this task, we offer the following:

     * Daily Grounds Inspection 
     * Weekly Trash Pick-Up  
     * Weekly Compost Pick-Up
     * Abandoned Vehicle Tow-Away
     * No Parking on any Street
     * No Parking on any Grass Area
     * Tree and Shrub Trimming
     * Pets Must be on Leashes when Outside        


Sawyer Village is able to offer indoor storage for any kind of recreational vehicle you want to store. From motor homes to pontoons, snowmobiles to classic cars, we will store it all  in our two hangars and the former Air Force "bus barn".  Most of our customers store with us from November through April, but you can set up your own timetable.

Contact Information

Joy L. Page, Property Manager

(906) 346-3919

: 346-4028

Postal address: 250 Voodoo Avenue, Gwinn, MI 49841

General Information: jpage@saulttribe.net

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